Chapter 2 – A warning ignored

“My name is Hussain Patel,” he said, staring at Poppy until she stood up. “This is my shop. Do you like it?” Poppy replied with “I don’t like it I love it”! “Here is my book of spells.” You are free to look around my shop however you would like to.


A few minutes later, Hussain Patel disappeared by jumping 5 times and vanishing through mid-air. She realized that she was jumping up and down as well, but she didn’t disappear. She looked around the shop and then a book called out her name several times. “Who keeps on saying my name” she shouted. “Its me” said a book. She picked up the book and then she looked through the pages and one of them had a mouth, so she quickly closed the book as fast as she could.


She saw another 50 doors, which had another 200 mystery items. One of them were a Jack in the box. She got scared after Jack popped out of it. Frightened she peeked out of the curtain and there was a big man and he stomped onto the Emporium, but the shop survived and she ran down the path towards the cottage.


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