chapter 2: dragon

Chapter two –the dragon

Link looked at the dragon wings. Sharp as the sword in the stone. The dragon rampaged throe the place breaking glass of 60-year-old drinks. Trying to bite Link. He trapped the dragon in a cage. Link got bored so he let the dragon out again. The dragon chased after him again.

“I don’t recommend annoying the dragon,” said the man, “you know the last guy.” Link and the dragon looked at the person. “WHAT I can’t hear you,” said Link “WHAT.”

“Jeff left the hydra door open again,” shouted the man.                                                                                                        Link spoke “I heard Jeff left hydra open, that sounds weird.” The dragon chased after Link again.

The dragon was annoyed. The dragon chased after Link faster than before. The dragon gobbled Link up, but the dragon forgot to chew. So Link passed out. The man came back. “He annoyed the dragon didn’t he?” said the man. Link woke up and saw two baby dragons licking him. “Where am I? When am I. I am I still me? Thank the Lord I am,” said Link, “is there?”

“Wait a minute. MORE DRAGONS. DRAGON EGGS.” said Link. All the dragons looked at him. “Holy poop,” said link “dragons.”

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