Chapter 2 – Illuminous spiders

Chapter 2 – luminous spider


Brandon could not keep his eyes looking at glowers. He was mesmerised from them. The glowers had red eyes and fourteen legs.

“OI, you must stay away from them if you don’t that will kill you in a split second,” said Jim Philip extremely angry.

“S-s-s-sir I want them as a pet I promise I will take care of them.” Said Brandon in a sad voice.

(Ring Ring Ring). “Ugh another call,” said Jim Philp in a lazy voice. (Then the one and only Jim Philip walked through a bookcase.)

Brandon walked up to the spiders and picked them up. Once again Brandon lifted up into the air and disappeared.

“Where am I?” screamed the knights. “Queen Kassy, would you like your men to fight King Ace?”

“Yes, my men are stronger then him,” ordered Queen Kassy as she ran into her castle.

Brandon was shocked, he was in the Victorian times. But then something happened, two knights ran straight through Brandon like he was a ghost.

The castle was made of obsidian with lava dripping down it had lava dripping down from it. Queen Kassy castle was highly guarded because king ace killed all of her men.

Queen Kassy got down from her castle but them queen Kassy approached Brandon

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