Chapter 2–Shift

Lincoln woke up the next day coming to the realization that he ran home screaming. Lincoln got on with his day as usual went to school but today when he came home instead of jumping straight into his bed he collected £300 to pay for his sleeping tickets and the bed at the ______emporium. Lincoln walked to the emporium but the bed was gone and from instinct grabbed the nearest thing (a map but it was right next to an axe) and off he went to rebel for the bed. To make a long story short Lincoln almost instantly had to flee for safety and put flippers on because he just realized he forgot his shoes.

Lincoln ran in again for round two and when the shopkeeper looked at Lincoln’s feet he went pale.

“Put those flipper floppers away they’ve killed many boy,” the shopkeeper warned.

A distant shriek of frustration roared. “I’ll be gone for a bit my minitours are hungry,” groaned the shopkeeper, “remember don’t touch the flippers.”

The shopkeeper vanished into thin air.

Lincoln looked at the flippers on his feet and wandered around in them thinking “hah dumb shopkeeper.”

First a slow shiver ran down his spine next the noises of the ocean filled his ears then his temperature dropped to -40 degrees C finally he fainted.

Not too long later he woke up looking up legs kicking as if he were swimming salt washing over his neck over and over and over again as if a wave around five minutes later he looked down screaming at the sight of water and swam to a big hunk of floating metal looked at his surroundings and wondered how to survive…

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