Chapter 2 The book of wonders

Chapter 2 The book of wonders  

  “Where am I “examined Bob, Looking around the odd place.  But suddenly he saw this small gnome “he said be aware of the book”? Bob did not have a clue what he was on about. The little, small gnome went away in the shadows. Bob had a look;  and this odd place was a stunning jungle. Bob was hearing loud birds squawking in the fresh, blue sky like a plane whirring in the sky, loud elephants drinking water loudly, rattle snakes hissing in the darkness, and lions roaring for their pray. Bob was starting to explorer around the green jungle. A moment later he saw a weird gnome garden in the middle of the jungle, he questioned? They were standing still Bob touched the gnomes and they woke up, they had all spears it was like an evil gnome tribe. A moment later the gnomes were chasing Bob, but Bob managed to take a shortcut into the bushes. Bob lost them in the huge bush, but at that point he did not know where he was it was just darkness in the bush, but then he touched random book that book was coming closer to bob and after that he saw a bright light door. But straight after he was getting sucked in the door! 

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