chapter 2 the enchanted crown



Poppy was looking around the emporium until she saw a crown it gave her the chills because it was black with ruby’s as red as fresh blood. Then Mr silver came in the room.


“You might want to put that back the last person who put that crown on was never seen again.” Mr silver said it angrily. Poppy began to think should she listen to Mr silver or should she put the crown on.


She made a distraction bye pushing some boxes down. Mr silver heard the boxes fall and went to see what was going on. Then poppy ran to the crown and put it on.


Everything started spinning round and round then it stopped slowly everything started to turn black like a black hole then she started falling really fast then she fell to the floor.


She looked around and it was old, posh and polished and the wallpaper were very detailed with different patterns and every pattern was a crème colour. She had a good look around that’s when she saw it the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. It was a shimmery gold throne with a red velvet cushion she wanted to sit on it but someone came she tried to hide but she found Poppy she stood up and then the girl started to bow at her then Poppy remembered she had the crown on.


She tried to get the girl out as fast as she could she finally did it she touched the crown to  get back out nothing happened she did it again nothing happened she’s stuck.

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  1. This is really good work. Why is it called the enchanted crown? Next time you should ask a rhetorical question. Keep up the good work.

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