Chapter 2- The Enchanted Crown

Daisy couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful, embellished crown. It was memorising! It must have been Queen Victoria’s. Very precious! It is well cared though because it’s shining beautifully in the light so it must be polished thoroughly. In fact none of the gems were missing! How crazy because it over 180 years old! Daisy was so close to putting it on.

“Now little kid, I don’t know who you are or where you came from so STAY away from this precious crown!” said the shopkeeper angrily, “or you’ll pay!”

“Oh… ok Sir,” said Daisy as she winked.

“Aahh!” exclaimed the man, “These boxes are SO annoying, can’t they just stay on top of each other!”

As the man went to go and fix the boxes, a rich famous celebrity walked in. It was Ariana Grande! Daisy had to hide. The shopkeeper me back up and gave Ariana Grande a tour. Now daisy was alone…

The shopkeeper was nowhere to be seen. Daisy’s thoughts were filling up her head! They where: IM ALL ALONE, should I put it on, I want to rob this place! She could smell the polish, hear the horses hooves, and felt royal. Daisy put the crown on! Then she closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she wasn’t in an Emporium…

She was transported back to Queen Victorian times! In 1842! She travelled back 179 years! Everybody treated her like a queen. She saw slaves out working, people living on the streets. The strangest bit was people were calling her Royal Highness!  She was sat on a thrown! Queen Victoria’s!

Paintings surrounded her. Cooks cooking, cleaners cleaning. Daisy loved her new life!

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