chapter 2 the warning

After I opened the Emporium I saw a suspicious man covered in black and said what are you doing here. So I answer “I  work at this place” I said. Here is the very Special book that is from my shop you are free to take it .With a mean look he said no I don’t want that dirty book.


It looks so disgusting and why would I  touch that . I looked at the man carefully  and I recognized him and he was sharp that evil man I pretended that I didn’t know who he was because If he found out who I was he won’t give me info .



So I has to stay calm. So why did you come to this shop .I came to this shop because I want to look around that’s why I came and why are you asking just asking .




So what do you want to buy from this shop. Nothing so why did you come here just to look around.




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