Chapter- the warning disobeyed

Chapter 2 

“This is a shop that only I know about so how you got in here?” Said the owner. “I walked in like any other shop” Replied Layla who didn’t know what to say and was trembling with fear “My name is Robert, but you can call me Bob, may I ask what your name is.” Said Bob in a calm voice. Layla told him what her name was and then Bob said something super important that Layla could not forget. He said “If you find any baked goods lying around. DO NOT TOUCH THEM OR EAT THEM.” 

After he told Layla everything she needed to know, Bob and the Cameleon that was camouflaged the whole time walked behind a golden curtain. Layla was now alone in the room, so she decided to have a look around. There were plates of scones, cakes and pastries dotted around the room, but she knew she wasn’t allowed to eat them.  

Poppy walked around the room looking at all the paintings on the wall to try and distract her from the sweet-smelling bakes, but she couldn’t resist just tasting one. 

Without thinking she picked one up and took a bite… Like with the doughnuts, up came something, it was a shing iridescent key. She went over to the book to see if there was a keyhole but there wasn’t one. She flicked through the book and there were different pictures of random things. She found a blank page and drew the first thing that popped into her mind.  

She took the key and went to another bake. This time there was eclairs on the plate. She picked one up and up came the Cameleon! “Follow me.” said the Cameleon while jumping off the table. They walked through the golden curtains and down the hall. “Where do we go now?” Said Poppy. The Cameleon replied “Pass me the key and I’ll show you where to go.”  They walked down the hall to find a door. She opened it and entered.               

Poppy walked into hot room that felt like she was on the sun. It looked exactly like she had drawn; it had a pool and a café and a hotel and everything you would get on holiday. She ran and landed with a splash in the pool. 

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  1. Gabriella SMSJ June 16, 2021 at 10:05 am

    Hello I really enjoyed reading your work but the only thing i would change would be the amount of speech you have used. I really liked reading the last paragraph because it was very descriptive. Also how did you come think of such good vocabulary?

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