Chapter two.

Chapter 2- The Orb                                               


Summer couldn’t take her eyes off of the magic orb with a deadly aura and the look of eyes gazing back at her. She knew at once that her mission was to find out what it did. Summers hand lurked towards the enchanting orb.

A clatter of pots came crumbling down and disturbed the silence and Summer spun around and saw a fancy lady, her hair was a white as a swan and her lips as red as a cherry Hi young lady, you look like a nice girl,” Mrs.White Rose said softly, “so do me a favour and don’t touch that, we don’t want any thing bad to happen… Do we?”

A loud thud came from a norther room and Mrs.White Rose an off to attend to the pixies down the hall (the pixies where cheeky!) Summer peeked round the corner to check Mrs.White Rose was gone  then returned to  the orb

Summer was exhilarated she could finally touch the orb. Summer picks up the orb and the room goes blurry and starts to spin. She gets so dizzy that she faints.

Summer FINALLY  opens her heavy eyes and sees… PINK CLOUDS!?!?!?!?! Summer jumped up and ran to the end of the cliff and came to halt.

She realised where she was. Her child-hood dream. CANDYLAND! She kneeled down and took a scoop of the chocolate waterfall, drank it and stood up while smiling she saw Mrs.White Rose glaring at her while smiling and waving at her.

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