Chapter two- A warning disobeyed

Chapter 2- A Warning disobeyed


“My name is Mr. Candyman,” he pointed out, staring at Eric until she stepped on foot to another with a uncomfortable creak. “This is my Candyland full of mythical wonders, chocolates and candy! Do you like it because I personally do!!” Eric shook is head, he didn’t know what to say just in case the man didn’t like it. This is my book ‘~The mighty mystery imaginations~’ NO one ever needs to touch it but there is only one person who can and that one person is me so if you dare to touch it you will have regret and discipline or some sort of punishment and that’s what’s going to  happen to anyone who touches my BOOK! Understood? U-understood.


A few moments later, Mr. Candyman disappeared with a whirl of a Loli-pop. Eric  was intrigued to touch the book even though he said  not to…

Eric was looking around the shop to see if anyone was there, there wasn’t a sight of anything not a creature or ANY sight of a human being. He felt that the book  was calling him in or saying some sort of sign. He peeked around the corner but it just lead to a big dark hallway following on to different doors, at least 100 maybe 150 he thought.


Turning back, Eric opened the book. Each and every page had a very creative picture or imagination but there was a few pages at the end, and that’s when Eric decides there and then that he would write in the book…


The next thing Eric knew there was a pencil in his hand and the next thing you know he’s drawing in the book, a Candyland of his imagination inside the world of sweet he drew a window and a door that led him into his own room and wonder.


“This way” exclaimed the Umpa Lumpa, Eric soon closed the book, he followed the umpa lumpa to his wonder room and the his jaw DROPPED with amazement and shock. Eric was ecstatic, jumping up and down all around and then it got really hyper…He JUMPED IN THE CHOCOLATE LAKE!!!…


He stood, not onto the floor but on candygrass filled with m&m’s smarties all the candys you could think of but his FAVOURITE chocolate was there, and it was huge!!! It was a bed of reese’s bars and nuts he ate it until he was filled with a sugar rush.. The more he ran the sleepier he got.




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