Chpt 2 – The Corridor of One Hundred Doors – Kai TJS

“My name is Jave Jam I see you have found my mystery chest, that is an object you should not touch , anything is for sale and I freely touchable” He told him. Jackson nodded , still in shock.


With a tip of his hat Jave was gone, vanished into thin air. Barely ignoring the book Jackson glared to what was at his left a corridor of a hundred doors. But he could not get distracted , slowly he opened the chest while it creaked. Inside there seemed to be a book and a pencil , along with many other wonders, that was what indices him the most. Cautiously, he started drawing , magical lands and mythical creatures everything he could imagine.


Slowly creeping behind him was what Jave had been holding , a snake, Jackson jumped backward in terror , the snake was on his shoulder! The snake slithered and hissed and turned his head to the corridor of a thousand doors , a new one seemed to appeared, it was decorated with blue mahogany wood and tiger stripes with th logo of a book and pencil , exactly like the one Jackson had drawn in. Slowly the snake slithered over to it, Jackson close behind , apprehensive he pushed down the handle to reveal a magical world.


The world seemed familiar , then it struck him , he had drawn it , it was an exact replica of what was in the book. Marvelled he walked slowly into a jungle , he knew what was coming and he just had to see it.

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