Creature spotted in local town-Elliot Lincoln

Lincoln Elliot

Yesterday at 8.57 am little Timmy was woken from a furore roar he checked outside it was shocking to see a
on my neighbours house on fire and on the roof a furious Ender dragon .

Timmy, who lives in Evergreen Terrace was making bacon for breakfast when he peered out the window and he noticed ash floating in from his garden. "I decided to go upstairs to get a better look," Timmy told us while recalling the events of yesterday.

Evergreen Terrace police have spoke to all citizens to be careful when taking a stroll over the fields and to report any sightings of this specie of flying dragon or unusual sounds . Local dragonologists Dr Taylor ,told us that a gathering of five dragons may well mean that they are under threat and everyone should be alert in case the specie of dragon are planning on to attack these these amazing wonderful creatures.

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