Creatures rampage school

John Bates

8:50,Debby – music teacher Grange Park – had investigated her music room finding dragons.This is shocking as dragons have been extinct, their intentions unknown.

Nikki, who was waiting for school to start, heard death-like sounds knowing Debby does not play that horrendously.

The day before the attack, a year six class doing P.E started to burn.They told our interviewer “We thought it was just hot due to summer coming closer.they added “when we got closer we saw it then it dashed away.”When the interviewer pushed further we got a description :sole-less black eyes;white blade like wings and a tail of fire.

During the attack Debby, who was getting ready for a lesson,explained “ I smelt ash that confused me.”she was feeling very cautious “It started playing hideous music, the beast was horrified.”Starting to get teary she continued “It destroyed my instruments I was furious.”

Now that, the dragon has escaped Parliament has declared that every one in London must be prepared.

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