Sarah Huggins, Deputy mythical editor

Breaking news, a report has come in from Springfield stating unicorns have been discovered in an abandoned park just before midnight. There have been many reports over the last few hours that they are disturbing their sleep and of how dangerous it can be for neighbors in that specific area at night. Security and Police are trying to take action as much as possible.

One of the most famous and well-known unicornologist said they had no data about this anonymous species of unicorn and they are trying to find out more information about them before getting into any further conclusions. Residents described this as ‘a torturing nightmare’ as it was terrifying their children and babies. Residents were surprised to hear nobody yet knew anything about this species of creature and it is yet to be discovered. The police said that they were hesitant to take action on this creature because they were clueless about what the outcome would be.

If you wish to find out anymore information about this topic, please go to the following website and contact us via email immediately if you record any sightings of this creature. A local unicornologist expert remarked “It is not too late to observe this creature, it will be required sooner or later, otherwise we will have to take action. Local councils advise to ‘avoid interacting’ because they are unaware if they can be hazardous towards humans. Looking into the future, we hope to see some more data on this creature to examine and discover more about it.

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