Exclusive report written by Sadie Smith, Creature Correspondent of the Deadly News

Early this morning, there was an incident in Dead Man’s Forest where Andy Padget spotted a devil unicorn feasting on blackberries.

Andy, who is a doctor living in a cottage by the forest, was collecting berries when all of a sudden, he heard a crack from sticks. He told the Deadly News that when he peeked through the hedges, he saw a species of a devil unicorn. When the Deadly News interviewed the doctor, he announced, “I was very still because I felt anxious.” He added that it was rare to see a devil unicorn.

The Woodland police have warned all people who are local to Deadman’s Forest to be careful while walking in the forest. Local unicornologist, Dr Flynn, told us that this mischievous creature might be under threat and the people who go there regularly should be on alert in case an intruder comes (trolls, ogres and dragons that might be planning to attack this wonderful creature.

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