Dinosaurs back from the dead!

Daniel Jones Paleontologist correspondent reporting from the natural history museum in London.

Breaking news This evening in London a flying dinosaur has been spotted flying around Big ben.
The introductory paragraph should contain a simple statement of facts covering things like, what happened; where and when it happened; who was involved, and so on.

Daniel Jones has spoken to eye witnesses who saw the flying dinosaur flying around Big Ben. one resident claims Big Ben looked tiny compared to this creature. Another resident said he couldn't believe his eyes were dinosaurs back from the dead or where they were hiding, he was terrified and ran for his life.
This paragraph or paragraphs should contain details of interviews with witnesses, information that the journalist has uncovered and descriptions of the scene when the journalist arrived.

Police were called straight away as soon as it was reported, they looked terrified too. They have said they are pretty sure there will be more than one dinosaur about. All residents have been warned to stay away and to go straight home to stay safe. Daniel Jones was teffied reporting this story as he could see the dinosaur coming closer to the ground.
This paragraph could include things like police or council advice; the journalist's opinion: what might happen in the future.

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