Disobeyed rules

Chapter 2 – Disobeyed rules
Danny was still confused. You could see the fear in her eyes! The alien started to walk slowly up to her, still holding the book, “Don’t be scared, it’s all safe here…” implied the creepy alien-man. Danny wasn’t convinced about that. “I haven’t told you my name, Have I?” Said the Alien, “no…” but did Danny really want to know his name, he seemed creepy, she didn’t particularly want to get to know him. “Ah yes, well… my name is Larry.” stated Larry. The hawk squealed, “Oh sorry, this is my hawk, his name is Christopher.” Danny is getting more freaked out by the minute! “This is the book of Wonders.” Larry stated. DO NOT touch it.
The thing Danny couldn’t get out of her head was that book, why did Larry go around holding it? there must be a reason? Why wasn’t she allowed to touch it!!? It made her want to touch it more!! She was EAGER to know what that book does, wait what!? Where did Larry and Christopher go!? “Where are you!?” squealed Danny. She then sees a poster on the wall, above where Larry left the book sitting. “To all in the Emporium, you are free to look around my emporium, but DO NOT touch my book, I repeat DO NOT!” Ugh, she wanted to touch the book so much. “Well, she said to herself, Larry isn’t here. He wouldn’t know….” She is going to touch the book.
She sauntered towards the book, checking back to see if Larry was there, it was clear. Danny flipped open the pages of the book, WOAH~! The next thing she knew she had a black inked pen in her hand! She flipped open the pages seeing different types of worlds in the book, there was oceans, forests, grassy cottages, villages and lots more! She kept on flipping and found herself at the latest blank page. The next minute she found herself drawing a blue sky with whiteish, grey clouds and a beautiful cottage looking place with little, tiny mushrooms on the ground and cute small houses! What’s that noise? The hawk, Christopher came gliding through. “Come with me, Danny.” Danny quickly closed the book as quick as a blink…” oh no, what if Christopher saw me? W-what if he tells Larry! He will be so mad at me!!” Danny said to herself. Danny got up from the chair. She follows Christopher the hawk slowly to a curtained door, “walk through there….” Demanded Christopher. Danny pulled the red feather curtain and slowly peeped through the dark hallway……
WOAH, Danny nearly passed out from the shock……where on earth did all these doors come from, WHAT? There were so many doors she couldn’t count! Chritopher flew to one certain door, it stood out from the others. Danny didn’t really want to go into the rooms, but she knew Christopher and Larry were very powerful over her. Christopher will have already told Larry that Danny drew in the book; Danny walked into the door. She was teleported to this cottage/ village area!!!!!! It was just like what she drew in the book, lovely trees, cute, tiny mushrooms and village houses. Danny didn’t know if she was just paranoid, but she could hear Larry whispering quietly to her in her ear…you disobeyed me, you disobeyed me, shall I not stand for….

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