Richard Smith, mystical creatures correspondent.

This mysterious dragon first appeared In Spain, Madrid.This happened late at night around 4pm. There have been reports of people claiming to say that they have seen a dragon, which was half blue and half red and had shiny emerald scales on his back. People reported his eyes were full of anger because people were throwing things at him, but the poor dragon was just looking for food. The reporters went to find out if this was true. They came back with evidence that the dragon existed by showing the people a photo of him.

The next day the reporters said “the dragon is looking for food so we must give him food for him to be gone. “ The following day the people in the community gave him some vegetables to eat , however he got furious because the people were throwing things at him. Because of this the dragon started to destroy the houses and buildings! We had to evacuate the city. After we evacuated we had to find places to live in.Some people went back there weekly to see if the dragon was gone. After 1 month the dragon found out there was no one there so he just left the city then we all came back there.

Next will be that we will still be living out of Madrid until the city is fully made again.

The army and police said “stay out of Madrid until we fully build the city since we want no one to be left homeless at this time, so we all had to stay in tents for like 6 months then we came back to the city but the landlords of some houses had passed away. This was because the dragon had killed them. So the people who lived in a house whose landlord died by the dragon could own the house now.The citizens were terrified, but the council said “stay calm, we have everything under control. “

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