Exciting Unicorn Discovery!

Do you think unicorns are fake? Well think again. Early this morning, ( near , recent reports state that a unicorn has been spotted in the local wood near wythenshawe. This unicorn has been named the Midnight unicorn and has been described to have: Obsidian- black skin, a luscious starry mane, sharp hooves, A horn, and huge wings. Recent studies claim that this innocent creature’s diet is made up of four main things: Plants, bugs, dead animals and leaves. They normally come scavenging in the night, mainly because their shy can easily camouflage, but additionally because that is when most vicious prey sleep.  It rarely hunts alive animals due to its shy personality and its lack of combat. It normally lives in dark, shadowy places ( like caves ) so it is not easily spotted and killed, and then comes out in the night for a late feast.

Additionally, this creature was also spotted at a farm in wythenshawe, feasting on the farmers wheat and crops. “ I was just about to go to bed when i suddenly i seen a shadow. I thought it was a farm animal but it turned out be a unicorn. “ – local farmer.

Furthermore, these scientists are hunting down these creatures a their very luxurious and rare; people have protested against this as this is animal cruelty.

The unicorn has been spotted in the local area in wythenshawe and unicornoligists want to capture these poor creatures. If these creatures continue to get hunted down, authorities might have to get involved whether this will be allowed or not. 

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