Fascinating dragon attacks closed swimming pool!

By Betul.O/28th may 2021

Last week,in the afternoon a lifeguard spotted a strong powerful dragon in a local swimming pool in Southgate.It is believed that the dragon escaped from its home which is Legoland.

Emily Riverbrighe (35) was doing her daily work while she heard splashing sounds.Emily followed the disturbing sound and through the creaky metal door she found a hot, fire dragon burning like an oven with a delicious cake in it.

Another man,who has been here for 30 years(45)told them that he has been here so long and he has never experienced anything like this before and thought it was very weird and unormal so he put the noisy alarm on and they made a flee for it.As they run as fast as a jet the fearsome dragon had already destroyed the building.What will happen next?…….

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