Ferocious fairy

By Mick Misty

A fairy called Felicia has been spotted in New York City wanting revenge on a toilet cleaner whose name is Jacob Jones. Mr Jones has black hair and is very pale, he has a skull earring in his right ear and he is about 6 feet tall. If you find someone that has this description STAY AWAY and call the Police!

I found several eye witness accounts that found that if you disturb Fairies in the night they will harm you to an extent but not kill you. A fairyologist, Sam Heyer, confirmed that a Fairy looks for food in the night but hibernates during the day.
Neighbours of Mr Jones said that he was loud because he always had his music up high, and this could be why the Fairy is after him.

I feel that it is a bizarre event to happen in this City and for the secret of magic to be revealed in this way.

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