Fireball Phoenix Spotted in Athens!!

By Isabella.S. Grange Park Primary Friday 28th May 2021

Last night, a mini sun (a Phoenix) was spotted, fiercely flying through the sky, doing loop the loops!
In Athens, Sophia Harrision, who lives in Cyprus,
Athens, reported that he had escaped from his cage in
Disney Land, and his name is Flames! RAWW!

Another witness of this event, Davey Laloberry,
had witnessed this moment, he replied, “I never thought
I’d see the day when I’d be seeing a fireball Phoenix, they
Are cool, but dangerous, so beware me people of Athens!”
As for what Sophia Harrison said, “When I saw this magnificent
and spectacular but gruesome and grumpy creature, I started
to backen away, as he came carefully closer to me, I was
reaching for my camera, as he swiftly flew away, so I immediately called the cops.

Thankfully, police have been notified and locals have been warned, to stay indoors until Flames,
( the Phoenix), has been caught. Confusingly, Firebirdologists, have been wandering
how the Phoenix got out of its cage. If you ever see a Phoenix, call the police and let them know.
Have you seen one before?

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