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A man called Alex had seen the flaming dragon coming from the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle.
It has been 3:00 am since It went to the city. It has been called by the scientist’s, the flaming dragon. They say it is impossible to kill the dragon, but they have found its weakness, the cold.

When it was 3:00 am it began to be very angry and began to make flames in the sky at night. At 4:00 am it began to get calmer and go back to the Bermuda Triangle. The army had started to shoot it but it was very strong. It has burnt lots of houses but the fire fighters had managed to put it out. The scientists are searching the bermuda triangle, but it might be dangerous. They have DNA of the flaming dragon. They are trying to say what it is but the scientists are working on it still

The scientist might think that if the flaming dragon has more power, it might destroy everything. The police say its weakness is day because it gets more affected by the sun. A man called John was on a boat studying the Bermuda Triangle, he saw the flaming dragon, but he didn’t see too much from the flame shining to his eyes. He had seen the flaming dragon disappear in the water with no clues. He told the reporters “It was so scary, but I saw its wings broke a little” The U.S army said that if they shoot a bomb on it, it gets more affected, the police said that because the city had lots of lights at night. A captain from the navy said “We had seen from the distance that it went underwater in the Bermuda Triangle, it had a broken wing, it can be super angry and attack us!”

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