Gobbling Invading are village

Mickey Martins a Mystical Creatures Correspondence.

Breaking news Mickey Martins just spotted a gunky looking goblin standing outside of Asda at 12 o’clock.

Mickey martins when he just came in it was came and then it was when he was queueing up then he saw three Goblins running down Isles like a herd of elephants getting chased by a tiger.He said “I have never seen anything like it I was pretty surprised and I could not Believe it until one of the goblins stole my milk Chocolate.”

So the police said we should stay inside and be careful because the look like bushes and we don’t know what to do and food shops will deliver it to you so you don’t have to go to shop.The Prime Minister,Harvey Hall, said “no one will be going to work or going to school when they are gone we will repair our village”
“so that is it for today see you all at 6 o’clock in the morning and we will keep you up with these gunky goblins”

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