Green ogre spotted in sainsbury’s!

By Kaya D 27th May 2021

Yesterday Dylan Grosu spotted an ugly looking creature. He sighted it fighting a beast outside sainsburys and it lost to the Fire Unicorn.

Freddie, a year four student,suspected there was an Ogre on the loose because he did not get to do pe (which was football.) Freddie said ‘’ I really wanted to do football because it was 34 degrees outside.Freddie reports seeing a foot. Another witness said that he saw the gruesome ugly Ogre. It looked deadly and mean people were looking to capture it. Then slaughter it so things can go back to the way they were.

The army was put on the streets of Liverpool to capture the creature. They said that it was a lockdown, don't go outside otherwise you might be taken to the beast lair and then it might use you as a toothpick or a spoon. If you see the Ogre report it right away so the army can take it away if you don’t it might come and destroy you and your house and everyone in it so be ready to call the police or army. This is for your safety and protection so whatever you do do not take a selphy with the Ogre with your flash on because it speed up 100 times faster than it already is.

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