Exclusive report written by Klaine Anderson, a Unicornologist Reporter, Naming Nature.

Yesterday, Rachel Hummel, aged 23, saw a nightmare unicorn! Near Rawing Road, which is where Rachel lives, there have been several sightings of these creatures.

We interviewed Mrs. Hummel and she gave us more details of the experience. When we asked how she saw it, she whispered worriedly,
“So, I was cooking my dinner, and all of a sudden, I heard a ‘neigh!’ in my garden. As I walked outside, I saw a horned-horse!” And that’s how Rachel, who is a doctor, witnessed the horned-horse. After she saw it, she told her husband what happened, and left a shock on his face.

So, we tell you to be extremely careful if you live in or near Rawing Road. Don’t interrupt them, or you are in great danger. If you find a nightmare unicorn, report it to the police immediately and the police will write to us and we will report on it. STAY SAFE!

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