Hunter becomes the hunted

Animals are evolving into these amazing creatures, making more people want to hunt them. They’re not all sunshine and rainbows though.

Andrew lake is a hunter saw a dragon while he was hunting. He got his gun and he shot it but luckily it was a plaited dragon so it did not harm it. Andrew used to be in the predator hunting programme so he knew a lot of its weaknesses. But the dragon has much more skills, these are a few of his ability’s from are mythologists,’’ He can throw his plates, breath fire and change his colour to blend in with rocks. ‘’

He was near a village so other people later caught on that there was a dragon people said that they all panicked. We now know the dragon, which everyone was scared of, was just going to the woods. But before everyone thought he wanted to attack them Andrew chased him into the forest, which was a big mistake, so he can save the villages. This was the dragons home turf he knew these woods like the back of his plate.

Andrew said that he had to get out but it was like he was everywhere. He was trapped, until he just left. No one knows why but we know not to mess with dragons.
Andrew is now in the hospital and the police are looking for the plated dragon. Tune in next for Wilfrids news.

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