jem thief

byline: rafael lewis ( a bbc new reporter )

minutes ago the crow jewels were stolen by some sort of dragon. the person who saw the dragon was spotted by a queens guard. he said” i was running towards the queens jewels, as i heard something when i saw the beast i was surprised. it was about 17ft and 6 inchs, it was the biggest thing i have ever seen. i tried to stop it but it was to fast”.it is spotted in abandoned places and they have to be two floors because of his height.

we have found out that the dragon has stolen loads of precious jem’s that belong to important has also stolen churches holly water wich is very crucial to them.he mostly stays in abandoned mansions but some times he stays in tall abandoned buildings which is pretty normal because he is 17ft and that is high , a humans height is a about 7 ft so that is not even double but it isn't triple , it is just in the middle.

police say “when you see the dragon you should call the police as soon as possible as they could catch it”. dragon expert’s say “do not approach this dragon because it could be hostile”.

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