Mysterious ,majestic mortal found at Hawaiian beach.

Daily News.

Mysterious, majestic,mortal found on Hawaiian beach.


Natalia Kennedy

News Reporter

A surprising, perplexing discovery of a unicorn was made at half six last night, when a courageous Unicornologist and her family of two approached the unicorn whilst everyone else was said to be screaming and calling for help.


The family described the unicorn’s features as having: rainbow horn; elegant white wings;pastel blue hair; midnight blue tail and mane;big,bright, blue eye;silver, shining hooves and sparkly white diamonds on its hip.This unicorn is believed to be an Ocean Unicorn, with no family traces, but many friends due to its friendly self.This creature is said to be just

years old and 143cm tall.Tests highly suggest that their diet consists of: marshmallows and skittles, which would be needed for their endless energy.The Unicornologist stated, “it is the most elegant unicorn i have ever seen or worked on.” Her two twins,Ava and Eva, who are 4 years old,aso gave a quote, which was : “beautiful.”


Lilly (the unicornologist)is still working on this magnificent creature and hopefully finding out more information.That’s it for today’s Daily News maybe you have found a species as exciting as this or a mysterious story? If you do, go on the website; but you must be 18+

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