Mystical Magical Fire Breathing Dragon

Mystical Magical Fire Breathing Dragon

By Liliana Garcia,student,Grange Park Primary School Friday 28th May 2021

Last Friday evening, Daniel Moon (a school site manager – aged 21) sighted a Lava – coloured Dragon sniffing the monkey bars in confusion. Scientists indicate that this was the first mythical creature sighting since 1699 where a variety of Sand Unicorns were observed.

Liliana ,who was a pupil at Grange Park Primary School stated that she spotted a pitch-black wing behind the fence. “I was terrified, I thought that dragons were fake.” Many people assumed that it was a party hat that was behind the bush but after closer inspection the bush set on fire and revealed a Lava – like dragon. After a few minutes, Daniel finally explained that he had been putting out many fires but thought that it was because of climate change.

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