Charlie roberts- Nature writer for unknown animals or creatures.

Miss Charlie Archer who is 12 years old and lives by the sea at Cornwall, found something unbelievable at 6:00 A.M. and has become famous . She spotted a black wolf cub with small wings, glowing antlers and its tummy, nose, ears, the bottom of its tail and all four paws were a neon blue color. She has become famous because she has spotted the last mythical creature on earth!

Miss Charlie went for a walk because she wanted to meet her friend by the beach so they could swim in the ocean. On her way down to the beach, while she was walking through the woods, she heard a whine and sleeping noises coming from the blackberry bush next to her. She peered through the bush and she saw a sleeping wolf cub with black fur, small neon blue wings, antlers and its nose, ears, bottom of tail, tummy, and all four paws were neon blue! The wolf suddenly opened its eyes, stood up and lept on her, then it made a noise as if it was happy, then it fell asleep again.

We have found out From magical creature specialist that this animal that She has seen is a hybrid wolf that is impossible to tame unless it thinks you're its soulmate. Charlie has been chosen by this creature and she somehow has a neon blue strand in her hair!

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