BY Caroline Chant, Police officer Tuesday 25th May 2021

Yesterday afternoon, Mia Chant, ( a manager for a nature reserve ) sighted two extremely rare and mythical creatures in a protected area of earth. An iridescent unicorn and a flaming phoenix busy rambling together playfully. It is believed that they came back to our world sensing this part of the world was safe and protected. Legend says they came from an even world where there are not too many of things and all mythical creatures were born there.

Roger Chant ( cousin of Mia and Caroline Chant) suspected that magic was about when he found and inspected weird dust floating around the area. He hastily said, “ I was having a stroll in the local park when I was lifted up and I floated about in the air.” Relatives told the news the sight would remain in their minds: a gorgeous – looking, flaming and fiery phoenix swooping in and out of the trees, and a breathtaking silver and gold unicorn with a glossy coat. Mia said it was remarkable.

The police have warned people to be on high alert until they are found. Professor Plant ( an expert on mythical creatures) informed “they are in great danger”. If you see something strange and unusual, report it to the police.

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