Mythical Mammal

Mythical Mammal

Sunday league football was cancelled due to unicorn rummaging in the pitch.


Last Sunday evening, Kim Regal (age 27, a dog walker) was taking some dogs for a walk in Trent park. She claimed to have spotted a bright white dragon scavenging for food in the forest.


Hannah, who is a pupil at Grange Park Primary School was making her way to the toilet when she heard a noise coming from the playground as a result she went to go and investigate and spotted the same dragon playing in a hool – a – hoop.


During a report, Hannah Cullen stated ,”I always thought dragons were fake”! Hannah continues,”The dragon popped my ball as well it was worth all of my pocket money”.


Many residents assumed that they saw a dragon roaming around in the streets of Enfield town one citizen explained “ I did not think dragons were a thing! And there was one standing in front of me with its head in the bin eating leftovers”.


Today (as people have passed away) Boris Johnson has announced that everyone needs to put a gas mask on, especially children. Due to the vicious dragon, everybody must home school from tomorrow ( parents devastated).


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