Night unicorn spotted by a young boy on the coast of France!

David Cathy, magical mystical expert correspondent

Today, on 6:00 news a Night Unicorn has been spotted outside a young boy called James’ house was getting a snack when he heard this irritating crunching noise outside, he took a look outside. He was astonished. HE SAW A PAIR OF BLACK WINGS! He ran to his parents and explained “mum, dad I saw something outside it looked like pitch black wings” his parents were thinking it’s one of those imagination things but when they took a look they said “take back what I said” they said that because a unicorn was there not just the wings the whole body from head to hooves with their head on the window but that’s when danger struck.IT SMASHES THE WINDOW AND WAS FLYING AROUND!

So, they sprinted to us but forgot the car keys but they wouldn’t go back now. When they got here they called the police and animal control it was hectic but it had to be done because this unicorn was not sweet or nice it was one of the most dangerous unicorn but it wasn’t as dangerous as the lightning unicorn. Anyways without even saying the police called scientists for unicorns? When the scientists got there they were shocked. Turns out they had been looking for this species of unicorn for years {as it only comes down when its full moon and its’ not full moon and it was trying to get home which is the moon!} they told us that we have to tell everyone to stay away from this creature because if you touch it they will ether turn you to stone or kill you with the spikes ether way this unicorn will kill you.

-WARNING-this creature is very dangerous please lock all doors and windows it has figured out how to open doors when unlocked please listen to this for your own safety thanks for listening this is Isabelle signing off.

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