Exclusive report written by Bobby Field, Ogreology reporter, Bishop News.

Early this morning, near Bishop Town, Burty Fisherman claimed he has spotted an ogre in a food shop when he was on his way back from a run!

Burty, who lives in Fields Bungalow in the town centre, was running along Eagle Street when he heard mighty footsteps coming from his local food shop. He told us that the horrible noise was coming from a huge, green beast with warts on its face! He went on to tell us that it must be an ogre! When we heard this, we couldn't believe our ears so we interviewed him and he exclaimed, “It was a horrible sight! It was fat and covered with spots!”

Bishop Police have warned all residents to beware if they see anything green and warty around town! If you happen to see anything which matches this description, please let them know. A local Ogreologist, Suzie Pickle, told us that one ogre on its own is very rare and may mean it's lost its family.

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