By Jeorme Huchdins, Estate agent, 26th May 2021

Last morning, Kelly Finbourie spotted a pink Ghoul eating bark in Grovelands park, she said it was about 10:05am in the morning when she saw the creature.

Kelly was going for a walk with her family when she sighted a giant, pink Ghoul eating bark off of an oak tree. The monster was described as an immense, bright pink Ghoul with sky blue marks scattered around it. “ The creature had one red eye which really freaked me out.”

After that, they had to close the park down until it left. Dr Hoover took a lot of experiments on it and then released it back into the underworld.

"How did it get there Kelly," "I really don't know I just into the park with my family and there it was stuffing bark in it's face." "When exactly did you see the monster, it must of been scary," Yes I was terrified but luckily me and my family got away," "Well thanks for talking to you Kelly have a nice day," "Thanks you too."

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