Exclusive report by Skylar Scribble, Magical Mayhem Correspondent, The Wilelmina Writer.

Yesterday, Morgan Mosh, 13 years old, claims to have seen a mysterious creature which she believes to be a Secret Unicorn.

Morgan, who lives near the Whispering Willow Woods in a cottage, told us that while she was gathering firewood when she saw them again but about twenty of them so next morning she told the Chronicle that the unicorns were all in the clearing of the Whispering Willow Woods. She added that the Secret Unicorn is so rare, that seeing a herd of them by her cottage was amazing.

Wildlife Police have alerted the residents and have said, “Beware, these magical creatures are deadly.” Unicornologist Frank Brise has told us that these unicorns in a group would mean that they might be being hunted and people are planning to attack these wonderful creatures.

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