Suspicious sightings (Jack Wilden)

Exclusive report by Beasley Bert, Big Beast Reporter, Sunday Shuttle.

This morning, Harry Hail, who is thirty nine years old, was tending to his crops when he spotted a unicorn eating wild berries in Archer Woods.

Harry, who lives in a cottage in Archer Woods, informed the Sunday Shuttle that this magical creature had enormous wings and guitar on its back.He added that, “ I was terrified but also amazed to see a unicorn!” Based on information that Harry has given us, Unicornologist Professor Pan stated that this marvellous beast was a Music Unicorn.

Woodland Rangers have warned residents to proceed with caution when visiting the woods, in case they have an unverified encounter with these mischievous creatures. Reporter Beasley Bert has talked to some local residents and says that they are glad to see some unicorns in the once deserted woods.

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