Suspicious Sightings of Shadow Unicorns!

Exclusive report written by Bob Fisherman, Unicornologist Mythical Creatures Correspondent, The Super Shuttle.

Yesterday morning, a resident (Kelly-May, who is a doctor) from the town Collinsburg in Kenzyard reported several Shadow Unicorns out in the Enchanted Forest, and claims to have seen one of them pierce their horn through a man’s heart.

Kelly, our eye-witness, saw the unicorns whilst going to the grocery store to get some carrots and she told us,¨I was so frightened that I could barely look those ferocious creatures in the eye!¨ Kelly even complained that she had nightmares about them.

Police reports have told us about these terrifying creatures and how if you ever encounter one of these unicorns run, you should run as fast as you can or you will be torn apart by their horn and be eaten! To be honest I think that police should hunt these unicorns down and kill them before they kill all of us.

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