The Book Of Mystery

Chapter 2 Disobeying a warning 

“What is this place, this is not my home.”  Epions soft voice said still a bit lightheaded from her fall. She started to wander through this magical, unknown land she was sauntering through the trees wondering where she is “it’s really beautiful, but where am I?” she tried to look for any people, signs, paths literally anything that could tell her where she is. 

 She eventually found a path, it was a yellow brick path it went in a spiral and then darted off like a bullet to into the horizon, she felt like she should follow it, so she did. She felt like she was following this path for hours until she came to a stop by a freezing gush of wind “why is it cold it was warm the whole path?” that was until she looked up from the yellow brick path, a wall, a really tall wall she backed up a bit until she could see over the top. It was a path to the castle she stood there until she was interrupted by a voice “a human, A HUMAN WOW, oh I’m sorry I have seemed to have startled you, it has been so long since I have seen a human!” the small but loud voice at the same time exclaimed. Epione spun around in surprise she saw an oddly small creature it looked about 3`9, and she thought she was small but no this was on a whole other level. 

 It was an elf looking creature, or what people would describe Santas elves to look like. “What are you?” Her thick, smooth and soft Sokovian accent spoke, “Well my dear I am an elf, you seem confused, well I am one of the four elf guardians my name is Mazalinka, I control the land part of the relm” Mazalinka explained to the girl “wow…” Epione muttered under her breath as she fidgeted from discomfort. “Each one of the four guardians control one of these one control the people, another the balance, making sure this sacred place is protected and then me I take care of the land like I said before, make more sense?” Mazalinka asked. 

They talked for a while, they were currently inside the castle it was out of this world Epione was informed where she was and about the land. Mazalinka was currently out to run some errands you know busy job being one of the guardians she was told that she could do anything but touch the book. Curiosity took over her she reached out for the book she flipped through the soft as silk pages it has doodles, sketches and notes for the land funny thing is, is that she had seen all this walking on that path suddenly she had a pencil she knew what she wanted to draw, she drew a cottage with roses and mushrooms as red as a tomato she added more detail. 

A small foggy creature came out and said, “This way said the small voice, she followed “I had a look in the room that you created, its beautiful by the way”. She was confused “What room?” The Sokovian asked. “Oh, you didn’t know, the book that you drew in creates rooms in the palace.” they stayed quiet the rest of the way. They stopped at a door “just in there my dear.” the foggy creature told her, they grey, blue smoky creature went to walk away Epione quickly asked “WAIT, what are you?” She questioned “oh, I’m a phantom…”  It whispered, it sounded sad “I’ve never liked it being a phantom always cold unable to feel touch, I wasn’t always like this, but that’s a story for another day, go have fun.” It sped up the first part about itself, not wanting to say anymore. She didn’t want to push any further, so she just left it she said her goodbyes and looked at the forest themed door “in I go”… 

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