The candy land Emporium Chapter-2

The man gestured for him to come in. Inside the massive building was a dark alleyway it was lit up by only a few candles hanging from the walls, following the three men was the scared little Eric. It felt like forever walking down the alleyway until finally they got to a door. “Finally” said the tired little Eric. The man opened the door and showed him a sweet factory, no wait a river, an apple? Eric soon found out that he had been POISENED! CRASH Eric was awoken by a loud noise, “where am I?” Said Eric. You my young boy are at the CANDYLAND EMPORIUM! Said the man making Eric soul leave his body for a long second, You’re the man that poisoned me! Said Eric “No” said the man “I  never poisoned you, you fainted” No I, how, but Eric didn’t know what to say he opened his mouth but then found out that it shut again. Anyways “what’s your name?” Asked Eric with a suspicious look on his face. My name is Lucien Taylor said the man and I will show you around the Candyland emporium “o ok” said eric with a nervous smile then he followed the man “are you ready young Eric?” “yes” said eric biting his bottom lip nervously. “here we go” said the man and opened the door. Eric couldn’t believe his eyes he saw a whole entire city made out of CANDY! This was his dream come true Eric barged through the man and ran up to a massive tree made out  of smooth, brown chocolate and started  to munch  this tasted better than any chocolate he’d ever tasted before then after he’d finished he ran straight to the park which didn’t look like it was candy at all it looked so realistic! Eric took a bite out of a bench BLEUGH said Eric. I don’t think you’ll like that said the man that’s licorice. What’s licorice? Asked Eric. I thought You’d know about licorice said the man “oh well” licorice is a type of gummy that well doesn’t kind of taste that good as other sweets “come Eric” said the man take a seat. Look around said the man Eric took a look around Suddenly his mouth hang open in amazement everything that he had ate everything that he had took a bite out of was forming back Eric didn’t know what to say instead he just sat there watching in amazement. He soon found himself outside another door through this door was a room which was full of globes what’s this said Eric these my young boy are feeling globes The man gave him one with a smiley face on it he soon began to feel happy, this was the best feeling he’d ever had in his life then he picked one with a person crying eric soon started to feel sad and started to cry and curl up into a ball, luckily Lucien gave him a globe with a line on it suddenly Eric started to feel normal again and could control his feelings again “phew” he thought then he found himself at a window, “what is this?” asked Eric think of something said the man anything. Eric thought of a village protected by a dragon that could breathe water instead of fire open the curtains he said, Eric opened  the curtains and then he could see what he thought of eric was in shock ones again it is called the thought window said Lucien. “Wow!” Thought Eric I think it’s time for you to go said the man “aww” said eric with a frown on his face. You can come again tomorrow said the man at 4am tomorrow meet me here again and knock on the wall three times then I will come meet you he said. Ok said Eric goodbye said the man and clicked his fingers suddenly he found himself outside and rode of home.

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