The Emporium Story


Charlotte was a secretive and fearless child. Since she was younger, she would always want to adventure and explore caves, forests and what might live in them. Charlotte was walking down the beach when she saw a sketchy wooden door in the corner of her silky blue eye. 


Chapter 1 Do you claim to be fearless? 

Charlotte, being the ‘Fearless’ person she is, walked over to the sketchy door with a fearless face and put her hand on the silver door handle and realized there was a mark engraved on it. The mark was a picture of a rose. Thinking nothing of what she had just saw she opened the door and stepped in, her mind went blank with darkness. As Charlotte stepped onto a Ruby red carpet she heard a scurrying noise, it sounded like there was a rat under the carpet. Charlotte was thinking was she fearless after all? 

She was starting to get worried because she no longer could see the door and was all alone in the big hallway. Suddenly she felt someone pull her hand and pull her to a large door and there she saw the same mark that was on the door handle…. The rose! She heard someone whisper in her ear saying, ‘Open the door please.’ Charlotte got scared and quickly opened the door, she felt a cold rush go through her body. Putting all her emotions aside she slowly walked into the room. Place in the center of the room was a desk and chair, laying on the desk was a navy leather book. 

Charlotte opened the book to experience the best drawings in the world. On one of the pages was a lovely rainforest with lush green leaves and old oak trees. She stared at the books wonderous pages for a while then suddenly a cold shadow reached over charlotte, she jumped in fear. Charlotte slowly began to lift her head and then found herself staring into the emerald, green eyes of a tall man, he had a little hamster perched on his shoulder like a side kick. 

Chapter 2 I can follow my own footsteps! 

The tall man stared back at Charlotte, and he said, ‘My name is Luka black,’ suddenly Charlotte started running back to the entrance of this mysterious place, but she could find her way back. Mr Luka Black grabbed Charlotte’s arm and pulled her back ‘Don’t run, I won’t hurt you, you may look anywhere you want but DON’T touch anything especially that book, okay’! 

Mist passed Charlotte’s face and then Mr Luka Black was gone, she was tempted to touch the book but to stop her temptation she started walking around the shop and looked at many wonderous things.  As the time went passed Charlotte forgot about the book but the shop was like merry-go-round, she kept on going in circles. When she came back to the room with the book, she was the most tempted she had ever been. 

Before she knew it, she had the book open again. In her mind she was thinking I can follow my own footsteps, not someone else’s! She was staring at the book again and all the wonders within, she could not have imagined anything better than these drawings. 

Charlotte was rummaging through the drawers in the desk to find a pen so she could draw in the book. Her pen suddenly touched the paper and a moment later she was drawing an iceberg floating in the middle of the ocean with many precious penguins on board. 

Suddenly, Charlotte felt something fluffy touch her leg. Charlotte got a fright and then jumped; it was the hamster that was sitting on the shoulder of Mr Luka Black. The Hamster said, ‘follow me,’ so Charlotte let the hamster lead the way although she did not know where he was taking her but surely it was somewhere she wanted to be because she had taken a walk around the whole place, and she was interested by all the places so nothing could go wrong. Meanwhile the hamster was waiting at a metal door, Charlotte knocked on the door and it opened slightly with a creek. 

Charlotte stepped onto an iceberg, she could see lots of penguins and beautiful, glistening icebergs she could not believe that what she was drawing in the book became really life. Charlotte stood in shock thinking of what she could explore in this wonderous world! 

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  1. Hello I enjoyed reading your work, I liked your imagination and vocabulary. How did you find such descriptive words? My only change would be the use of the same vocabulary multiple times.

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