The forest troll

This is a report from Isaac Smith age 43 reporting last week we had the worst day of are life.

TROLLS spotted in New York scientists believe these animals can’t control themselves. Journalist have been down there and never came back.

The north and some people say they People believe that there is about 20 of the nearby residents say these creepy animals came from came from the south, but nobody really knows. A message from John Jones he saved the day. ‘’I was walking down the road and saw a massive crowd standing at the other end of the forest I went over there asked what was going on in the blink of an eye 4 trolls peeked their small heads out of the trees I grabbed a bag of trash and went down there.’’

This is a Report from the local council ‘’This guy he walked down to the forest with a bag of trash. Amazingly, he came walking up with the green creepy trolls behind him he took them to the other side of the city to feed different forest.’’

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