The Frost Unicorn

The frost unicorn is a beautiful mystical unicorn that hides in the shadows


The frost unicorn lives inside the coldest of areas normally in mt everest the frost unicorn also likes to live in cold frosty lakes covered in snow and ice.


The frost unicorn has silver eyes and a silver horn normally the frost unicorn has Ice wings but ONLY at the top of mt everest 

also , the frost unicorn has blue fur, and a silver cold main, in the water, the frost unicorn has a blue mane and a cyan fur.

The frost unicorn doesn’t eat that much food mostly, it eats ********** and brutally, other frost unicorns it also eats grass , plants, and also carrots, every fruit and finally, cucumbers 


Finally, what do you do if theres a frost unicorn. Well i’d advise you just leave it alone, why the can get tamed it is INCREDIBLY hard to tame one and hasen’t been done before.

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