The half hidden emporium

Chapter 2-The Warning 

 ¨My name is David Lovell,” he shouted, trying to get something out of the cupboard, ”Do you like my shop?” Luke had no clue on what to say so he nodded and had a smile on his face. Mr Lovell smiled back as well. ¨You are free to look around the shop but don’t touch anything!¨ Mr Lovell said, ¨I have a fact for you , you are the first person ever to enter this shop.¨  

Luke didn’t really mind if he was the person or the last person in the shop but he did feel a bit special about it. There were a lot of different kinds of stuff in the shop like a tiger’s mane. Luke really wanted to touch the things on the shelf but he thought he had to listen to Mr Lovell’s advice. Luke looked around the shop around the shop and saw Mr Lovell was in a different room cleaning so Luke ran over to the dragon horn but when he was running he knocked over the lion’s mane and it smashed but when it smashed it sucked Luke into a different world and he saw Mr Lovell next to him.¨Where are we?¨ Luke said.

Where underwater where the lion was killed all because of you. I saw that you were running and I knew that you were going to knock something off the shelf and the lion’s mane is the worst one to knock off as it transports us to where it died.¨ Mr Lovell explained, looking annoyed. 

Luke was so angry with himself and he thought that he shouldn’t have gone inside the shop. Luke thought I should have listened to my mum and should not have gone into the shop.   


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