The hidden shop


There are some places in the world that you so desperately want to enter but you just can’t due to the way of the world.

Well this story is a good example of that as the emporium cannot be entered by any living thing because of the spell that covered it.

The even scarier thing was it was on Death Road and the name suited it. Half the people that entered were either killed or never returned. Once someone even returned as a zombie. No one entered until Sophie.

Chapter one – She entered

Sophie is an eleven year old girl. She has no siblings and is usually just wandering around town on her own. So this was one of those days. Sophie went for a walk to a part of town she had never been before. It was quite eerie and there were a lot of homeless people. She wandered down a street called Death road.As she wandered down the street there was an old tatty shop called the emporium. Sophie was a bit of a shopaholic so entered the shop. A little bell rang as she entered. Inside was a wonderful cavern of treasures.There were  golden cages dangling from the roof full of exotic birds. There were jars of clouds,a rainbow and a unicorn horn. There were candy floss trees, lollipop ceiling, red treacle dripping down like blood. Then there was a huge book covered in dust. Sophie wandered over to the book and on there was swirly gold writing reading ‘the book of wonders’ she was drawn to it. She reached her hand out to touch it and then a deep voice came from the shadows.

Chapter two – Mr ludo

‘’UH hum, what are you doing with my book Mrs?’’The deep voice rumbled from behind the curtains.‘’Nothing,’’ Sophie replied quickly.’’Who are you?Show yourself!’’Then out of the shadows came a rather tall man.’’I am mr Ludo and i own this shop so take your hands of that book.’’


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