The Magical Bureau, End of Chapter 1 – Through the door

“I see you’ve found my book of marvels,” hissed a voice. Daniel gasped. His face was stunned and shocked. He looked up at the owner, and saw that on his shoulder lay an owl, shaking its head at him,  disapprovingly. 


Chapter 2 – A Warning Disobeyed 

“My name is Lucian Silver,” he said, staring at Daniel, who had pins and needles and was standing uncomfortably. “This is my Emporium. Is it to your liking?” Daniel didn’t know what to say so he just nodded, peacefully. “This is my Book of Wonders. You are more than welcome to look around, but you are certainly not welcome to touch or even look inside of my Book Of Wonders!” exclaimed Mr Silver.     “Is the book your diary?” questioned Daniel. “No, silly boy, it is not , it is just a private book , which you are not allowed to read,” said Mr Silver , shocked. “Are you sure that it is ‘ just a book ‘? said Daniel, calmly. “It is none of your business, although it is time for me to go, so feel free to look around.” replied Lucian Silver, smiling at Daniel.  With a blink of an eye, Lucian Silver disappeared. 


Daniel started to look around , everywhere he looked was magical, he saw silver magpies flying past him and disappearing by the red curtain. Everywhere Daniel looked his eyes always found the golden book. It was like the book was calling for him. He glanced all around him, just to see if anyone was looking, and then he picked up the book and read the front cover. “The Book Of Wonders,” sighed Daniel.  He flipped through the pages and carried on looking from where he left off. There were drawings of cities, and ink was covered onto the page and was written in a sacred language, that made Daniel even more curious! 


The next thing Daniel knew , was that he was holding the quill in his hand and he began drawing the top of the Eiffel Tower, he drew the sunset which was above the purple horizon. He drew everything he ever desired.


Suddenly, the book started to shimmer unexpectedly, and it was like Daniel was getting sucked into the unknown. Daniel screamed as the book fell onto the floor with a loud ” THUD!” He was stuck in darkness and, ‘The Book of Wonders,’ lay on the cold floor.


Daniel looked around, everywhere he gazed at, was blank, then a faint building looked familiar to Daniel, it looked a bit like the Eiffel Tower. Daniel stumbled closer to the faint Eiffel Tower and remembered that was the tower he drew in the Book Of Wonders. Without thinking, Daniel Holmes was standing still on top of the Eiffel Tower, looking at the cars past by, the lights illuminated the city’s view. 

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