The magical sweet shop

Chapter 1 end

Amy saw a beautiful gleaming book in the corner of the room. suddenly she turned as she heard a sound to her right, it was a magpie slowly transforming into an old man. “How on earth did you do that?” Amy asked, she was petrified.

“Well young one this place has its secrets here and there,” replied the mysterious old man.  ” By the way my name is Geoff , Geoff Johnson, what’s your name?”

“Amy, Amy Langdown” replied Amy.

“Sorry, i gotta go ill be back at 6’oclock sharp” exclaimed Geoff. as he dipped round the silky velvet curtains.

Chapter 2 start paragraph

Amy ran over to the book, intrigued at the note on top, it read  do not open. She was too curious she just had to open it… she slowly opened it and she quickly jumped back as letters flew out of the wonderous book the letters spelled you are chosen, you may write all of your problems in this book. She was AMAZED , her mouth was open enough to fit a whole apple in, she was utterly shocked. She started writing down all of her problems, she had so many that by the time she had finished it was 7:30 , but strangely the old man had not returned.

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