The Mysterious Emporium

River and the Mysterious Emporium



There are some places people dare to go. The Mysterious Emporium was one of those places until…


In the Mysterious Emporium with the door always slammed shut. No one could get in. Even when it was a festive time of year the windows were decorated nicely but locked as well as the door.In the sparkling new windows there were jack-in-a-boxes popping up every two seconds, toy soldiers staring at you wherever you go.

The Emporium was running but whenever you looked there was no one in sight as if it was running by magic.


But no one ever entered. The wooden door was too jammed for anyone to enter. It was as if the door wanted no one to enter and no one did until River came in.  


Chapter1-Entering the door

Everyone had always been scared to enter the Mysterious Emporium.One day this 11 year old boy kicked the sealed shut old wooden door and stepped in. When River was inside he started looking through a bunch of old mysterious toys and books there were. “I see you’ve found how to open my shop door have you?” A mysterious voice said crepaly. River had such a fright he jumped. Then he went looking around the shop and found a book of spells. “I see you’ve seen my book of spells. I’m warning you now don’t you dare have a peek.”

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